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TOday was the 2nd urgent care visit Buffy ever took

She and the coffee table had a fight.

The coffee table won.

(FWIW, it was somewhat Dawg's fault for knocking her over...but all Dawg did was walk past)

2 stitches, 2 hours, much screaming and me holding down her arms while the Mr. held her legs...she's asleep and not much worse for wear.

But I have enver seen a goose egg swell up that fast in my LIFE.  

Re: TOday was the 2nd urgent care visit Buffy ever took

  • how scary! glad she weathered through it well. how're you doing?! my nerves would be frazzled!
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  • I *was* having a good day, but now I"m working on a migraine.

    I'm sure being stressed (and hungry--we were making dinner when it all went down) while holding a screaming toddler for quite some time didn't help.

    She's going to be fine--she was happy before I put her to bed.  Although she didn't want us touching he head.  If she had swear words in her vocabulary, she'd have been using 'em :_P

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  • Poor kiddo! Hoping for a good nights sleep for you all
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  • Yikes! Hopefully they gave you something for your pain in the ER too...
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  • They are the devil--this one has caused blood repeatedly.

    I just stared into space w/ tylenol and a coke...that's the best I can do for  tonight; I'm going to bed :)

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