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Prayer Request. Dr. Michelle Houston.

I was called Friday by them to reschedule my yearly. Dr. Houston is taking the rest of the year off for extended medical leave and all she would say was that Dr. Houston was trying to get healthy and her goal was to be back next year. I have no idea what she is going through but, I absolutely credit the woman with saving Jackson's life and love her dearly. I am so sad for her family. She has three children, one about 6 months older than Jackson. So if you have good thoughts and prayers, send some her way.

I am going to see Dr. Sun who I am sure is great.  

Re: Prayer Request. Dr. Michelle Houston.

  • Oh my goodness - that is so sad!  I will definitely say a prayer for her.  I see Dr. Sun (who is great, btw), but I've really enjoyed talking to Dr. Houston when I happened to see her.  :(
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  • So sorry to hear this. They just rescheduled my appointment with Dr. Houston as well. Dr. Sun is my primary OB but I was making the rounds before delivery. They didn't make it sound serious, I hope that she is ok. BTW-Dr. Sun is amazing.
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  • Dr Sun is wonderful.  I really really really hope Dr Houston is ok. 
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    DMoney will be a kickass big sister
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  • Oh, no! I usually just lurk here, but I found Dr. Houston through this board (most likely from you ladies!) about 3 yrs ago after my 2nd miscarriage. I'm now 32 weeks along, and have barely seen her due to whatever she is going through. I certainly hope she is ok, and now I'm just devastated she won't be there to deliver my baby girl! I guess I'll look into seeing if Dr. Sun will do the delivery.


    Thanks so much for this update. A girlfriend of mine had her baby a couple of weeks ago, and had to be delivered by Dr. Creed, since Dr .Houston is out. I certainly hope she's ok! 

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  • Hi ladies, 

    I am new here, but saw this thread while googling for dr. Houston's new location (i assumed she had left the practice but am so sorry it wasnt for happy reasons!) Has anyone heard an update on how she is doing? I'm so sorry to see she is out and I hope everything is okay with her!  

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