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Shower venues??

I am looking for a shower venue that isn't to $$ any where from Eden prairie to maple grove area. Either a place with just a room where we can bring decorations in or a restaurant with a private room. I checked Jakes in Plymouth and it was a $1000. I am looking to spend around $300. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  • Try asking someone local to you. This is a national board. 
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  • I had my shower at Ruby Tuesday and let me tell you they were WONDERFUL!  We only payed around 200 dollars for about 20 people.  The food was great and it was just amazing.  Not sure if there are Ruby Tuesday's where you live but would definitely give them a try! GL
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  • Where I live, the mall has a community room with tables and chairs that can be rented cheaply. You could see if yours does. Or if anyone you know belongs to a group like the Eagles or the Moose. They have their own buildings here and members can rent them cheaply, but only members can.

  • Do you (or anyone else helping with the shower, like the grandma or a friend) attend a church regularly?  I've been to several showers at church parlors that were really nice, and inexpensive. 
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  • I just happen to be in your general area, assuming you are talking about South Eastern Minnesota.  Was Jake's $1000 with all the food and everything?  A lot of restaurants have private rooms that are free or cheap to rent, but obviously paying for all of the guests' food is a major part of the cost.  How many guests are you looking at?  I think you should determine how many guests you expect, how much you can afford per guest, then look at menus online for local restauratns to see if they are your price range.  Then call them to ask if they have a private room you can use.  Good luck!
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