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Did you go to mediation with or without atty?

Re: Did you go to mediation with or without atty?

  • I went without but I knew there would be no objections to what I stipulated in my paperwork.


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  • Without mostly because I could not afford an attorney at the time. I wanted one but things turned out well enough. I have been saving up though for when we go back to court to adjust the visitation at 3 years old.
  • I did not have an attorney when we went. 

    It was the county and county attorney + me vs BD. They asked the judge questions I had, and the judge asked them questions

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  • we both went without our attorneys. When we didn't come to an agreement, the next step was to resolve it in court. A few days before our court date, however, we came to an agreement through our attorneys and the court appearance was cancelled.


  • Without. We knew going in there what we both wanted. If we didn't reach an agreement, we would need to go to court. We get along good.

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