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Help.Pulling my hair out right now!!!

I wake up this morning to find that my 5 year old got up before me and decided to write on my couch! She has written on my wall before and we had a stern talk about only writing on paper..... NEVER on walls, or the dishwasher, or the fridge.... all of which she did when she was 2. She said she wrote on my couch because she wanted me to see it because it says I love you. I understand the thought and all, but I need to get through to her that she can only write and draw on paper!

So, #1 how do i punish her and get through to her that she can only write on paper?

and #2 How do I get pen out of a microfiber couch?


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Re: Help.Pulling my hair out right now!!!

  • Hmmm try hairspray on the couch.  It usually will pull up the pen and shouldn't stain it......Or go to a furniture store, they sell special cleaners for microfiber. 

    As for the behavior, explain to her that you appreciate that she wanted to draw you a picture but that she knows better than to draw on anything but paper,  That behavior isn't acceptable and then because she can't be responsible with coloring etc she will lose that specific privilege for as long as you deem fit.

    When DD 7 gets in trouble I try to make sure that her consquenses are directly related to what she did wrong, ie if she did something wrong with scissors no more crafts that involve scissors. 

    I would also make her help you clean the couch, and if you have to buy special cleaner you can have her chip in with pennies and such to but it...I know it is only like .15 cents but it will show her that when she does that it means you have to take away money you were saving so she should help fix it. 

    But make sure you tell her that you to appreciate that she loves you she just needs to display it in a more appropriate way,

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  • My BF little girl drew on my car with a rock when she was three. I almost died we told her that you don't write on things what arent hers. She also was only allowed to write, color, or paint with the color wonder kits. She got in trouble if she used anything else. When she use to get in trouble we use to take something away that she really wanted or in routine with. Example when she would go to bed she would watch all the little tv shows. We would make her go to sleep with the tv off and she had to go to sleep. She is 6 years old today and this still works as a punishment. If she gets a smart mouth we add another night to it. Goof off is suppose to get out anything out of the label first.
  • I would love to give you the perfect product but I have tried so many and I have never been able to get pen completely out.  Try Hotshot, Goof-off, and hairspray.

    As for punishment, I would have her "clean" it herself (while you help her of course) and then have her "pay" for fixing it/cleaning it.  If she has any money in her bank (having my DD give me 50 cents would be a big deal- she has no clue what it means!). 


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  • At 5 I would probably have my DC clean something to help me out since I have to clean the couch.

    And, pens/markers/glue/scissors would be on lock down until she showed she could be responsible. 

    DS1 age 7, DD age 5 and DS2 born 4/3/12
  • scrub the couch with a baby wipe. It works. I know this because I have had many ink drawings on my couch.
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  • I know it's frustrating, but don't punish her or yell, she does mean well. Sit her down and explain to her that things cost A LOT of money and tell her how upset it made you, even though you appreciate the fact she meant well.Instead of punishing her, buy her an art easel, or cover a wall in the chalkboard paint. You could also get a big dry erase board and dry erase markers. Kids get board very easily, and my daughter used to draw on everything at 5, but yelling and punishment didn't work, and i think it made her think I was angry that she loved me. Save punishment for things that actually matter, like putting an object in an outlet or going near a pool unsupervised or stealing. Always give a child a reason, remember how much you hated hearing "because I said so" or not understanding what you did wrong or why you were in trouble? :) lol

    A microfiber couch huh?

    Rubbing alcohol will take it right out as long as it's not sharpie ect. Blot it though don't rub at it, it will cause the ink to migrate. 

  • We have a microfiber couch and rubbing alcohol works great.  Just put some on a Qtip and rub it just a little.  That is what we do and it works like a charm.  I'm not sure if you have another type though so try it in a place that you can't see it before doing it on a big area.  Also make sure that she has a place where she can draw instead of having to ask you for crayons or pens or whatever.  It helps them to be independent and also follow your rules.

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