The biggest torture is being in the 2WW!!! — The Bump
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The biggest torture is being in the 2WW!!!

This is the worst part of going through IF treatments...the 2WW!!!!  Ughh and its only 4dpiui!


Re: The biggest torture is being in the 2WW!!!

  • I agree i have been at this for a while so you would think it would get better, even this month when they cancelled my iui and we did timed intercorse i am pretty convinced i have a big bfn comming my way, i am still nervous i have six days left..i know we can make it through and hopefully this month will be our month...
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  • We are cycle buddies! I'm 5dp iui today, too! Good luck staying sane. I've been trying really hard not to think about it, of course to no avail.
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  • The waiting is so hard.  I'm at 9dpo this morning and I had this crazy dream that I collected urine for a whole day, then concentrated it over a bunsen burner in my high school chemistry class.  :)  The waiting is clearly messing with my mind.

    I hope all of your 2ww go by quickly with positive results at the end!! 


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