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Hello Ladies! Has anyone heard of this program. I was looking for childcare for DS and one of the centers said they accept this program. They told me its funding/childcare assistance for military families. I went on the website and read up on it along with completing an application. They representative says it takes 10 days for approval. I was just wondering if you ladies have any info about it? I was trying to get a small estimate on how much the usually award you. The rep.also told me that if you find a childcare facility you like and they are not on the list the facility could apply to be part of their providers. She says the only requirement is that the center be state licensed and had an inspection within 12 months. Thanks in advance for any info you have.
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  • Iv heard of it, and had a friend that used it. All I know is that my friend said she had to put her child into a daycare that was four stars and naccra would pay her 200 a month toward the daycare. I dont know much else about it. Other than it has to be a four star daycare. Its not huge but i suppse it helps. I hope this little bit of info is somewhat helpful!
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  • Thanks for the info. every little bit helps a lot.
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  • We use one of the fee assistance programs through NACRRA. It brings the cost of care down to what we would pay on post.....we live in an area with very high demand and low supply for child care. Centers have to be NAEYC accredited and in-homes must be licensed and have certification (I.e. a degree in an education related field) according to our programs rules. It took about a month to get approval in our area.

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