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Anyone in Virginia Beach area??

My husband is TDY here in VB for 10 weeks.  My daughter (7 mos) and I came with him because he just got back from a 7 month deployment in November.  I have a mini-vent and a question: I'm glad we're here with him, but I am going insane with absolutely no support from friends or family.  My husband is busy with his school and has little time to lend a hand (plus, we only brought one car with us so I am stuck at the apartment by myself most days).  Our daughter doesn't sleep well - all in all, I get about 3 hours in a 24-hour time-period that I'm not taking care of our daughter or sleeping with her in my bed (she only takes 20min naps and lately I've been unable to get her to bed before midnight, when she wakes just a couple hours later to sleep in my bed).  It's absolutely draining me and I really feel that I need to just get out and get together with other moms in the area.  I've tried to find some stroller groups, etc., but haven't found any that are active and accepting new moms.  Anyone want to get together?  I do have a jogging stroller, and would love to go for walks with other moms or take our kiddos to the park.  I can borrow the car from my husband if I take him to work early in the morning, so that's even an option, too.  Would love to hear from some of you ladies! 
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Re: Anyone in Virginia Beach area??

  • I am sorry this is hard for you, and we just PCS'd from VA to CA or I would be there in a moment, as long as you dont ming I am mom to be....

    But I can tel you, I did some nanny work while I lived there, and If ound that if i just took the kids to the park that there was almost always some one there and I could have "Grown Up" time while the kids played. You could maybe do that...

    Aslo I went on base and wandered the nex a lot. It was nice to just get out some times. I had friends as i was there for 3 years, but its hard whenyour friends are civillian and they dont understand deployment. I know your hubby is not deployed but it can feel the same when your counting min until he gets home eah day....

    If you go to the Y there is a kids daycare, and a mommy group, maybe you could find a friend there....

    Sorry its not more help...

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  • Thank you, kfdecarie!  It helps just to know someone understands what I'm going through.  We are still stationed in CA at 29Palms - being on the East Coast is much different for sure.  I will check out the Y - I hadn't thought of that.  Congrats and blessings on your pregnancy!
    Marine wife to one of the few and the proud & mama to our Olivia Adelaide - born June 2011.
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  • We just PCS'ed in August from California to Virginia.  While we are not in Norfolk, I wish we were!  We are stationed at shore duty in a small town in Virginia and it sucks!  I am dying for some friends!!  If we lived near a big base, I would check on the base for flyers advertising spouse groups.  In California they had 2 spouse groups consisting of 100+ wives in them that I joined which was GREAT!!  I met so many great females and made a lot of friends!  My California friends recommended that I check out when I moved.  They said you can find groups to meet up with who share similar interests.  Unfortunately the area is so unpopulated out here that there are no groups.  :o(  Or trying to find a book club?  Or mom's/play group?  I hope you meet some people soon.  :o(  I know how miserable it is to feel cut off and alone.  I'm in the same boat.  Good luck!

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  • Did you check out Stroller Strides?  I know they have them in VA Beach and Norfolk (love the Norfolk one).  They should also have Luna Moms' Club, which is a free playgroup.  I think most SS do it on Wednesday.

    There's an aquarium in VA Beach and a zoo in Norfolk.  MacArthur Center is the nice mall in Norfolk.  The Barnes & Noble there does story time, which draws a lot of moms.  There's also an indoor play area next to the food court, which is another popular area for moms.

    As a mom of two crappy sleepers, I feel your pain.  Hope your DD starts sleeping soon and you make some friends there! 


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  • I'm in Chesapeake; I work FT though so my availability is pretty limited to the weekends. I second the Y suggestion; there are a lot of programs through them and I hope you find one that works for you!
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  • Did you check out Fleet and Family yet? There is one at Oceana. Sometimes they coordinate mom groups. Most parks in VB are great quality. Check out Mt. Trashmore Park. I work FT too, but would be game for meeting up on a Saturday or Sunday. DH has been on shore duty since we got married so I have not had a chance to checkout any FRGs. But I plan to when he goes back to sea duty in the summer. I'm sure you'll get into a groove soon!
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