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Restaurants in Raleigh...

I know this has been discussed several times, but I can't find them.  We have a babysitter this weekend and would like to go out to a nice dinner.  Anyone have any recommendations?

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Re: Restaurants in Raleigh...

  • Hayes Barton Cafe is one of mine and my DH's favorites and they have the best desserts!

    Bella Monica for good italian food

    Midtowne at North Hills

    Second Empire -if you don't mind spending a little more

    I have heard great things about Flemings for special occasion meals - I haven't been but apparently they keep track of everything that you order so the next time you come in they can make suggestions that they think you might enjoy, they are all about personal service.

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  • There is a new Orleans style restaurant downtown that we have gone to quite a few times that was excellent. The name escapes me at the moment. Sorry for spacing, bumping from phone. *** edit: the big easy ***
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  • Gravy is also delicious for Italian food - I've heard their sister restaurants are also great, just haven't had a chance to visit them myself yet :)

    We loved the Pit - it's really good bbq, and other items, but is "nice" and you really do need reservations!  I highly recommend the fried pimiento cheese balls.  Yum, yum, yum.

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  • If you want a fancy date night, Second Empire is the way to go. If you want yummy food without the need to get really dressed up, I would suggest Humble Pie (tapas) of Caffe Luna (Italian. Yes, with two "f"s).

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  • Hayes Barton




    Angus Barn


    Ruth's Chris




  •  Poole's Diner! The food is amazing and perfect for a date night as it is not exactly family friendly.

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