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PCS'ing and RE

DH came home from work today and to our surprise, we may be headed to Japan in 4-6 months. This was completely unexpected, we thought we had at least two more years left here in San Diego. We recently just started digging deeper into our whole infertility issue. I started seeing an RE in November and he my husband has his second SA next week followed up by an appointment with an Urologist. My next appt. was February 9th and with all of this Japan stuff up in the air its a little bittersweet that we may have to start all over again. Has anyone dealt with PCS'ing (to a new country nonetheless) and the process with a new doctor and being referred to a new specialist. Do you just pick up from where you left off with your last doctor or do you have to "start from scratch" all over again? TIA!
TTC our first Navy baby! Me:27 DH:30, together since 8/2003, Married on 7/2006
9/26/10 stopped BCP and started TTC.
9/2011 referred to RE. All blood work normal and DH's SA=normal results
11/2011 HSG=both tubes clear
One natural (monitored) cycle of Clomid, 50mg 2/2012= BFN
Getting ready for first IUI, 3/2012 received orders to Japan! (postponed IUI)
5/2012 Moved to Japan, fought Tricare for months over referral (no fertility treatment on our military base) for Japanese RE out in town!
8/2012 Started seeing new RE
9/2012, post coital test= hostile cervical fluid, (finally) moving on with first IUI!
9/29/2012 IUI #1+trigger= BFN
10/27/2012 IUI #2+100mg Clomid CD5-9+trigger= BFN
11/28/2012 IUI #3+100mg Clomid CD5-9+trigger= BFN
12/28/2012 IUI#4+100mg Clomid CD5-9+trigger=BFN
2/1/2013 IUI#5+injectables+trigger=BFN
3/2013 IUI#6+injectables+trigger=???

Re: PCS'ing and RE

  • Well I have not been a military spouse but I am a military Veteran, and I recommend  once you have order for sure tell your doctor here, and see if you can start getting in touch with a doctor there you can even try to have your files sent as soon as you can this way when you get there they are there.

     Its usually not that bad as long as you are proactive.


    I wish you the best and thank you to your husband and your family as a whole for your service.


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  • That's true, if you stay on top of your healthcare you can make sure your file(s) go with you to what ever doctor you change to or chose to use. Just make sure you are adamant about your healthcare and always know where your records are. You can even request a copy of all of your files to ensure you have copies to prevent delays.
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  • I have not been through this, just wanted to offer you Thoughts and Prayers!!!
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