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Anyone at Ft. Rucker?

Hi!  We are PCS to Ft. Rucker at the end of this month and I just wanted to meet some other moms-to-be or moms.  We are moving from Ft. Carson and my husband is going to WOC/flight school down there.  Any advice on the area would be greatly appreciated!  Looking forward to meeting new friends!

Re: Anyone at Ft. Rucker?

  • I was born and raised in the area. DH and I both worked on post before moving to the Ft. Meade area. Do you plan on living on post? Picerne does the post housing down there and they are pretty good at scheduling events with the residents. 

    There was a Ft. Rucker mom's group on that was very active when Ilived down there. A very nice group of girls. 

    I'm jealous! I really miss being home! 

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  • We actually just left Ft. Rucker. My husband graduated flight school and we PCS'd to Ft. Riley. Loved it there!!! The post is small but really nice. One thing that changed while we were there was that they got rid of the "bubbles". There used to be gaps months long between sections of training. They are almost nonexistent now. So unless something unforeseen happens ya'll will probably be done within 18 months; maybe less depended on the aircraft he selects. Most people live in Enterprise or on post.

    There is a drive in movie theater towards Dothan. It is always a double feature and with military i.d. it is only $5 a person. I felt like there was plenty to do in the area. We loved going to Panama City Beach, FL. It is only an hour and a half away and the water is beautiful! Ya'll have fun at Rucker!! I wish we could go back! 

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  • My husband and I moved to Fort Rucker in June. I was 27 weeks pregnant when we moved. I have a five month old little boy. We live on post. I think it is a lot easier and more convenient. When my husband gets a break from school he can just run home and have lunch with us. Being close to Destin and Panama City is nice in the summer.
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