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Introduction to myself

I've lurked around the board a couple of times and have made a few comments here and there.  I finally decided that I should introduce myself and give a little background about who I am and my life as a military spouse.

My husband is in the AF and we are currently stationed at Offutt AFB.  That is actually where we will be for the majority of his career, as his job is very specific and is only at a few bases in the world.  My husband deploys frequently for short times.  His squadron is really good about making sure that the guys don't miss the births of their children and schedule their deployments around due dates.  Usually though, the deployment schedule is 3 months home, 3 month deployed, 3 months home, 3 months deployed, and so on...  This past year though, we lucked out.  He was supposed to have a special mission during the summer, but due to that being cancelled too late for him to be added on to the fall deployment schedule like planned, he was placed on the winter schedule.  However, since someone that was out there for their first deployment needed a little extra experience they didn't send my husband out there until the second half of the deployment.  He was home for nearly a year before being sent back, which is rarity in his squadron.  Anyway, that extra time home allowed us to conceive in late September/early October and then also allowed him to be here with me during my turbulent first trimester.  

Anyway, our baby is due June 28, 2012 and at that time we plan for me to be quitting work and becoming a stay at home mom, like the majority of the wives in his squadron.  It's just so much easier on the families since the men are gone so often.  Next week, I go into the base clinic for my next ultrasound and we get to find out the gender of our baby.  Unfortunately my husband, due to deploying, will have missed that milestone by just one week.  However,  we are grateful that he will be home in plenty of time for baby's arrival.

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Re: Introduction to myself

  • Congratulations!

    Is this your first child? (I'm assuming since you'll be leaving your job) 

    Gabriel 09-11-2012 No dairy, egg, peanuts, tree nuts
    DH deployed since July 22
  • Yes, this is our first child.  
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  • Congrats! I am in a similar position, with my husbands deployments being short but frequent. He was supposed to deploy mid-summer, but since I refused to deal with the first newborn without him, he was able to switch deployments. I would rather have him miss the pregnancy stuff than the baby stuff! Luckily, we have our gender scan the day before he leaves - hopefully the little alien cooperates!
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