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Reston OBs & Natural Childbirth?

Does anyone recommend their OB in the NoVA area?  (I'm in Reston.)  I have a great one, but one of the doctors in the practice (2 doctors total) is very new, and considering she could be the one delivering the baby, I'd feel better if I knew that an experienced doctor was the one delivering. 

 I also would be interested in switching to a doctor that delivers at the Loudoun Birthing Center/Inn.  I haven't decided for sure on natural childbirth.  Is there any evidence that epiderals could cause harm to the baby?

Re: Reston OBs & Natural Childbirth?

  • Wow, you posted a while ago with no response. :-/ But I had an epidural with DD and LOVED it! I was literally Facebooking during contractions... No joke.  There wasn't any harm to her.  I will have some back pain every now and then, but I think still worth it.
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