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Intro and Wilmington Doc question

Hi Ladies:

 DH and I have been ttc since 4/11.  We haven't been successful so my OB/GYN referred me to Dr. Cooper in Wilmington, NC.  Does anyone have any experience with this doctor?  We have an appointment on 2/2 so I am just wondering what to expect.

(For those that say we should try for a year...I am 35 so my OB/GYN thinks we should see someone now esp since my LP is about 9 days and I start spotting at 4-5 DPO and spot everyday until AF arrives).

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Re: Intro and Wilmington Doc question

  • I saw Dr. Cooper and he was awesome.

    He's kind of no-nonsense, but he has a plan of attack from the beginning. After my first visit, he had a series of tests for me to do and then came up with a game plan from there. 

    I ended up having to have surgery, and he was the doctor who performed it. He was excellent and explained everything thoroughly. 

    Our first visit was just a consultation, so we sat down in his office and answered all of his questions.

    Good luck! 


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  • Hi, lady!  Stick out tongue  Welcome to TB.  These ladies are awesome.  

    Wish I could offer advice, but you know I went to Dr. P.   I'm sure everam can help if you have more questions.

    Depending on what you find out from Dr. Cooper, you may want to head over to the TTTC board or even the Infertility board.   You will find a wealth of info over there.


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