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Anyone having #2 after a SN #1?

We just found out we are pregnant again -- total and utter surprise after going through infertility with DS.  We just assumed that one time would NOT get us pregnant, but obviously we were WRONG!!!!!

So anyway, anyone having number two after having number one with special needs?   I think I'm going to go batty.  I can't help but wonder how I'm going to do it with all the doctor's appointments DS already goes to.  I guess where there's a will, there's a way though.  Sigh.

Re: Anyone having #2 after a SN #1?

  • I'm pregnant with #3 after SN#2... it was planned and a hard decision to make... (lots of therapy.... this is kind of hard to talk about but I struggled for a long time with my true reasons for wanting another baby... I had to make sure it wasn't to "replace" my son if he passed away....that makes me sound like an awful person... but like I said... lots of therapy and I'm certain that we did this for the right reasons).

    Anyway.... I'm not too worried about how I'll handle a third b/c I stay at home full time and have a great support system who love to help out... (my mom, MIL, etc).

    I am worried out of my mind though that somehow I'll end up with another SNC.... I don't know if that is something I can emotionally handle... we took special measures to make sure this baby doesn't have the same congenital heart defects that my son does (IVF and PGD) but I still can't shake the feeling that the other shoe is going to drop any second and something else is going to wrong....

    Sorry for being rambly.... I'm not sure if my answer helps at all.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy and best of luck to you!


  • I am 13 weeks with #2 and have a sn#1. It was a little nerve wracking in the beginning, especially when I started to have some bleeding, but now I'm feeling great about this pregnancy. Once I had my NT Scan and my PAPP-A scores back, I became more confident that this baby will be healthy.

    I do still worry about how I will manage my time with all of Tucker's daily medical treatments but we'll figure it out!

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  • I had my tubes tied after Cash's delivery, as he was DC #3. However, I just wanted to encourage all of you that if you ever have another child you will manage to fit everything in. I'm not going to lie, the days are CRAZY and busy, but there are great days too where all three of them nap at a time. And it gives me an hour or two for me, just like today.

    You are all strong women, and I know that I would have been lost if Cash was my first. Here's to future Healthy babies.

  • We are trying for # 2 currently. Our son has DS but we are pretty used to juggling appointments and yes a second one will add a little more stess until we are used to it and it becomes the norm! Congratulations to you!
  • We are going to start trying this spring.  W's diagnosis isn't that bad (my H had is to- it is genetic), but we also just found out my mom has a genetic type of colon cancer, so now our future kid has a double whammy- 50% chance of NF, 50% change of colon cancer


    (we weren't able to test for my mom's cancer, so we have to assume I have the gene as a precaution, so that means we assume our kid has a 50% chance of getting it). 


    It sucks, but even if we were to do IVF with PGD, we could only pick one of the disorders- so why even bother. 

  • Yes, I could not relax until our 20 week u/s but our second son is perfectly healthy. Now that my first son has just died, I am not sure if I will go on with my dream of having more children. Good luck to you and congratulations
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