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Pediatric dentists in the Cary area?

Anyone have any recs? I guess I need to make H's first appointment. That's bound to go over well after her performance at her 3 yr pedi checkup. hehe. Tongue Tied

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Re: Pediatric dentists in the Cary area?

  • We saw Dr. Dan - The office is very child-friendly and the staff is really nice. I would NOT recommend him if you're going to have a cavity filled, but for checks and cleanings, they are really good. Other than the cavity issue we had (no offer of any sedation other than novocaine, which my dentist thought was crazy), the only other thing I didn't like about them is that they don't file the insurance for you. You have to pay out of pocket and then submit it to your insurance for reimbursement. Not a huge deal, just a bit of a PITA. 

    I would still probably go back there for a regular check-up though.

  • Not a recommendation, but our insurance doesn't cover pediatric dentists (you might want to doublecheck), so I just brought Liam to my dentist, and he did great! They made the experience very kid-friendly for him, and had a treasure box to pick from, so you might check with your regular dentist too. GL!
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  • Not exactly in Cary but people rave about Wake Orthodontic and Pediatric Dentistry. I plan on taking Jocelyn there. It is right off of 540 at the Creedmoor exit.



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  • Excuse me as I have not been on this board in over a year.

    Just took DS (at 16 months) to her first dental visit last month.

    This practice came highly recommended.  I must say I was impressed.  It is not in Cary though, but I think it is equal to Wake Orthodontic and Pediatric Dentistry in distance from you.



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