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random stupid person vent

I'm a writer, and a lot of my work is related to pregnancy. I also have a buttload of facebook friends, because I joined way back when and just clicked "accept" to everyone I remotely knew, before I started really using it for personal stuff. (And then I just updated my privacy settings and kept all the so-and-so-from-high-school people from seeing personal stuff.)

Anyway, the point is that because friends come across my articles, they then tend to contact me with lots of random (often medical) questions when they get knocked up, or want to get knocked up, or knock up their girlfriend. And I try to politely answer and point them toward better sources.

One such person started sending me messages a couple of years ago, when she was trying for a baby. I gave short, polite answers and recommended books to reference for other questions. Her questions were so ridiculous, and I didn't remember exactly who she was...when she finally came out with "my doctor said I'm 10 weeks pregnant but I can't feel my baby yet does that mean something is wrong p.s. I'm 320 lbs could that have something to do  with it?" I decided she was fake. And then I found out she's a real person I don't really remember from high school. (I'm from a public school in a farm town, if that helps.) And then I just started ignoring her. She had her baby last May. Yesterday I got this message from her. No kidding:

"Hey I had a cycle every month on the same day since I had my baby. But no cycle since October. Is that normal?"

ME: "Have you taken a pregnancy test? If you have and it's negative, you should probably talk to your doctor."



I mean, really? Really? 



Re: random stupid person vent

  • Direct her to the public boards on The Bump. She'll be torn to pieces with snark :P 
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  • LOL at Becki's response!

    She sounds like an interesting person, that's for sure. So, did she test?

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  • WOW! hats off to you for even continuing to reply to her that long. kind of scary that she's raising a child now... and possibly two...
  • Oh my. Good for you for even replying LOL!
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