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What time should I go to Kids Exchange consignment sale?

Hey ladies! I am hoping to head to the big consignment sale at the Fairgrounds in Raleigh this weekend, but I have never been so I was hoping to get some advice. I am planning on going on Friday which is the first day open to the public, but don't know what time to go. Someone recommended going in the afternoon, but I don't want everything picked over so I wasn't sure. I wish I could go early, but since Megan is so young, I don't have anything to consign. Do you guys have any thoughts on the best time to go? Or any other consigning advice?
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Re: What time should I go to Kids Exchange consignment sale?

  • I would try to go as early as you can on the public sale day. It will probably be a madhouse no matter what time you go though. Another option for shopping early is to volunteer--you'd get to shop tomorrow evening, before the sellers day on Thursday. You have to volunteer for a 5 hour shift (and it can be after you shop, you just have to commit to it). GL!

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  • If you get there first thing Friday, there will be a line to get in the building. Once it opens, the line will be gone pretty quick. If you go in the afternoon, the checkout lines may be a little shorter but that is really hit or miss. They have a quicker checkout process than they did in the past - I think overall the wait wasn't too bad last year. Although it's not unheard of to wait in line a few hours. I would personally go as early in the day as you are comfortable with. 

    Definitely bring her stroller, and a big bag to hang on the back so you can stick stuff in there. Bring a bottle of water or any snacks you may need, but if you have to potty you need to exit the building so you have to leave your stuff inside. :P I think they take cards but if you pay check/cash there are no fees. Also they charge .25/bag so bring your own! 

    Basically go to have fun. It will be crowded, you will see overpriced items and junk. But if you look around there are great deals to be had!  

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  • It's my first year going too, and I'm going with a friend Friday afternoon.  No real rhyme or reason to it, just when we decided to go (I let her pick since she's the one with 2 kids and I'm unemployed and pregs w/ my first).
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