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Any recommendations for a RE?

Hello everyone :)  I live south of Corpus Christi but after 21 months of TTC baby #2 and 2 miscarriages I am thinking it's time for me to see a RE.  However, I will need to travel to San Antonio to see one since there is not one in the area I live.  

I have done a little research on REs in the area, but I was hoping someone could give me a recommendation?  Or even a rec on who to avoid, LOL.   

Thanks, I'd appreciate any feedback :)   

Baby Macy is here!

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Re: Any recommendations for a RE?

  • I don't have any knowledge in this area, but I have a friend that may... I'll ask!
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  • I don't have any recommendations, but wanted to tell you good luck and that your daughter is beautiful!

    PS Check back over the next several days; this board is a bit slow, but I'm sure someone will come out of the woodwork with a good recommendation. :)

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  • I just had my first visit with RMA of Texas ( ).  I got their information from a friend who they helped get pregnant with her first.
  • I saw Dr. Joseph Garza with Institute for Women's Health.  His office is in the Stone Oak are with the Advanced Fertility Center.  I LOOOOVED him.  We were with him for 2 years before we got pregnant with our LO--but that was because my husband and I didn't feel we needed to go through drastic measures to get pregnant.  He was very respectful of my wishes and never pushed treatments on my husband or myself.  He did my surgery for my endometriosis, and when I had my miscarriage and had to have a DNC, he sat with me at my hospital bed before the procedure telling me about him and his wife's struggles to have their daughter (guess he could see the anxiousness on my face and was trying to give me some peace).  He calls his daughter his financial black hole!  :)  He is very personable and I never felt rushed when I had an appt with him.  Here is his info.  I hope everything works out!  Good Luck! 



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