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How to even start (PT)?

DS is 2 1/2 and I feel like we should be PTing now. He does use the potty some, before bath mostly but he doesnt ask we ask him. Santa brough him underwear and he is now interested in using it. I would like to go straight from diapers to undies (skipping pull ups except for nap and night). I was thinking about working with him some this weekend since its a long weekend. Does anyone have the 3 day pt method info they would send me?

 I really am clueless to even know how to start this process. Should we put him in underwear and then see how it goes, should I make him sit on the potty more but still put him in diapers? Is it easier to use pull ups? I am really clueless to all of this.


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Re: How to even start (PT)?

  • When we potty trained my cousin we made him sit on the potty until he went and gave him an award after he was done. Pull ups would be easier than going straight to underware. Whenever he had an accident he had to sing this song

    Tinkle, Tinkle, little pee. In the potty you will be. Poopy, Poopy stinky-O. In the Potty you will go. Just like twinkle twinkle little star.


  • I would wait until he shows interest. Boys are typically "late bloomers" in this category but it doesn't hurt to get a little comfortable potty, to get some pull-ups and start calling them  big boy pants and ask him once in a while if he wants to go pee-pee in the potty so he can get a treat (sticker, mini m&m or something of that sort). We also have a basket of books to read while you're on the potty. Most of them are about potty.

    This kind of this is more comfortable and less stressful for everyone involved if you take the "go with the flow" approach. Plus get yourself ready to look for a potty EVERYWHERE you go and to pull over if you are driving a car if you take the "no pull ups except for naps" approach.

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