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How do you like living in Temecula?

We rent in Rancho Bernardo right now and are considering moving up to Temecula for the home value up there.  The commute for both of us won't be too bad because we both work in North County.  I'm wondering how much do you pay in gas/electric (assuming it gets colder there and you have to turn on heat in the winter) and do you have to run ac all the time in the summer there?  Also, overall do you enjoy the vibe up there? Any pros and cons would be great!
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Re: How do you like living in Temecula?

  • I love Temecula; we moved here two years ago from Orange County for the same reason, house value. I thought I would miss OC but I haven't looked back since we moved. The area is open and beautiful, the vineyards are fun and have great restaurants and people are friendly.  The vibe is much like our old city but slightly more relaxed and a little country. Our worst electrical bill was $300+ in the summer but that was running the air A LOT, I am unsure of the gas bill.

    The only cons are being far from some stores, Ikea is in OC or San Diego, Bed Bath & Beyond is 20 mins. away and of course the heat. It is hot but manageable. Other than that it is great.

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  • Hi Ladies! 

    I'm not in temecula anymore.. i'm in Menifee which is only a couple min. away.  My gas with AC in the summer time only came out to about $150 which was the month that my  thermostat broke so my AC was on 24/7. the utilities are not bad at all ( for us anyways ) just watch for the association fees if your looking in certain communities. They can be very expensive. But overall its great, temecula is really nice and its great going to SD or LA not too much of a drive! good luck!

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  • I'm now in SD, but I used to live up in Murietta (just North of Temecula).  I really enjoyed that area!!  Everything is new and growing.  It's a bit of a drive if you want to go to The Zoo, Sea World or down town, but if you don't do those things often, than it's fine.  It's very family-oriented as well.


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