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Looking for Feedback on Banner Gateway

My doctor is contracted with Banner Gateway.  I'm looking for feedback on this hospital as I've never been there myself, nor do I know anyone who has.  Thanks ladies!

Re: Looking for Feedback on Banner Gateway

  • I am an OB nurse and I would at Banner Desert.  Gateway is a fine hospital.  However keep in mind that they do not have a High risk OB, nor do they have a NICU, in case something goes wrong with you or baby.  Something to keep in mind, just so you are aware that in case of something out of the "ordinary". Good Luck and best wishes for a healthy delivery and healthy mom and baby.
  • I gave birth at gateway about 3years ago.  The rooms are ok, the nurses are for the most part nice but they are very busy. My biggest complaint was that I requested a nurse to watch the baby for 10 minutes (my hubby went home to check on our other children) so I could take a shower and they absolutely refused. They don't have a nusery for healthy babies so if your baby is not sick they will not take them at all even for a few minutes. She suggested I roll the baby into the bathroom with me. I am pregnant again and I will not give birth there. I am going to Banner baywood which has the same co sleeping arrangement but is not nearly as busy and still has its well baby nurseries if a mom needs rest or a shower.  It probably isn't as big a deal if you have plenty of family to help out or generally have easy births but neither is the case for me so I can't afford to go back to a hospital that doesn't have the option to help moms when needed.  They do have a really great baby photographer at Banner Gateway though. Banner baywood has a photographer instead of the baby mug shot too but I haven't seen their work yet.
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  • I would be very careful if you choose to deliver at Banner Gateway. I had a good experience there for delivery (however I have a great OB doctor too) but I have had a nightmare ever since receiving their ridiculously inflated bill. They nickel and dime you there. I was charged around $20 per pill  (which I never knew I was being charged this obscene amount for until after the fact) and when I requested a breakdown of charges, I noticed I'm charged for for duplicate items several times of which I'm sure I only received one of. Bottom line, lots of billing mistakes and now I'm having to dispute this and not getting any cooperation from their billing department. I've called a manger 7 times and left voice mails for a return call with no response.
  • I gave birth to my daughter there and had a great experience. They have a NICU because my daughter was in the NICU for two days. Banner Desert has a higher level NICU, but Gateway can handle sick babies. The nurses there was awesome and were very accommodating when my daughter was in the NICU. I wouldn't worry at all about delivering there and I will be going back there for my next baby. Oh, and btw, every hospital nickels and dimes you.  Every single hospital's billing department sucks. I have delivered at Banner Desert, Chandler Regional and Banner Gateway and they are all the same in the billing department.
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