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Gift poll - the good & the bad!

So what gifts are your kids loving?  Anything a flop/unexpected flop?  Anything a clear #1?

Any gifts you weren't happy that they got?  (like age-inappropriate, too big, too noisy, etc)


My DD has been wanting a Doodlebear for like 6 months, I think the build up was too much, she doesn't like it!!  She also doesn't like her Webkinz puppy, because she "doesn't like his eyes". :(

She loves her pillow pet, crafts, new ariel blanket, princess room decorations.  The kids are also a big fan of a Chuggington railroad set.  Oh and DD loves her new Trunki suitcase!

The kids got this huge thing, it is like a giant color cardboard tree with birds, like a puzzle but cardboard.. they haven't wanted to assemble it and it looks like it will be huge and annoying.

#1 gift is probably Piggy Paint nail polish.

Re: Gift poll - the good & the bad!

  • The gift from Santa that my daughter loves the most is her V-Tech Innotab.  I downloaded some free games from the website that she enjoys playing and she also likes to draw and create pictures.  Clearly, it was a homerun choice!  We haven't opened all of her gifts yet but she also received a V-Tech e-Reader from my aunt (her great aunt) that she's been dying to crack open as well.  I'm sure by the time she returns to school we will have gone through everything.  

    The worst gift came from my husband's mom.  It's a knock-off Baby Phat jacket that I'd never buy but is clearly her taste.  Anything denim and bedazzled can be found in her closet but the worst is that it reeks of cigarette smoke.  Luckily, it's too big for her to wear now and by the time it would ever be fashionable, it'll be out of style.  I'll do one of those nice "hide it in the back of the closet" moves until the Goodwill truck comes through.   

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  • DD has played with every single thing she got, which I am totally surprised at.  We were pretty modest with her this Christmas.  I figured she's 3 and doesn't need a lot of crap to make her content.  She liked her doodle bear (a gift from her uncle) the first day, but wants to wash it constantly!  I get it, but am not running the washer every day!  She loves her new train set items.  I think he favorite are her 2 new baby dolls.  I didn't want her to get any new ones because she has a ton, but loves pretended they're her new baby sister. 
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  • There were no dud gifts except for a Smurfette house that is just not age appropriate and too difficult for Rach to play with.  Our boy's Thomas tracks were out of the ball park.  Cally loved his dance star Mickey and Rach loved her Dora "We did it doll".  Rach also got a toy kitchen that all 3 kids love.
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  • The kids are pretty happy! I am bummed a little, not overly though (don't want to sound like I am complaining; ) but the older boys are into building things with legos and I have my orignal set from when I was a kid. I guess they are not sold like that anymore (I love their imaginations)... so it kind of takes the fun out of it. But they are working around it and making some fun new cars lego characters. I am surprised that my favorite gift was the guitar, keyboard, drums, and microphone... the boys love it and I love hearing them rock out together and make up songs! And they love racing cars on their new slot race track!
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  • DS was happy with all his gifts.  Ironically, his favorite gift was the most inexpensive one, chapstick that he got from paternal grandpa and maternal grandma.  Go figure.
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  • DS liked everything he got so far. Santa got him Cars coloring pages with crayons and a toy chest that were a hit.

    For the past 2 days, he said "Crayons, where are you?" And the toy chest has kept his room clean but he has not taken his toys out of it to play.

    Santa's other gifts were a flop. A baby dinosaur that makes noises from playskool and his dump truck and fire truck bath toys that are for the tub don't go in the tub because he doesn't want them to go in there.

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  • DD loves the princess vanity which was one of her "big" gifts. The bike she got....not so much. She rode it for maybe 5 minutes and hasn't touched it since. She loves her Rapunzel night gown and accessories from the Disney Store.
  • The only one that I really hate is the marshmallow gun DS1 got. Big hits are the lego stuff, walkie talkie and camera 
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  • #1 was the Innotab. DS loves it to the point that I catch him having conversations with it when he plays with it. He's even shared it willingly with his cousins who are so jealous that he got an "iPad".

    #2 is probably the cheapo Doctor kit I got him. He takes my temperature at least once an hour. "Normal!"

    No duds so far, though we haven't actually unboxed everything, since we left town for a couple of days after Christmas and didn't drag anything with us.

  • My girls favorite gift was the Melissa Doug cupcake set where u decorate cupcakes with washable markers (I had gotten free ages ago with Pampers points). On the other hand, the got a Melissa Doug stamp set where the ink doesnt work at all.  They like the large cardboard brick blocks. My MIL got them Leapfrog Text and Learn which one likes, the other tossed aside with all the other fake computer toys. They've been into Barbies, but they havent really touched the Barbie cars I got them. I guess our Barbies prefer to hang out in empty wipes containers.
  • DD asked santa (and us) for Green Gloves, lala loopsy crazy hair (even though I told her it was silly hair! LOL) and a polka dot dress.

    She loves her green gloves and polka dot dress but doesn't really play w/ her lala loopsy.

    She has been playing with her little brothers thomas the train toys every day though and the $5 tea set I got her from kmart. She has about 3 or 4 tea parties a day w/ her little brother, she even makes him wear her princess dress up shoes LOL! I can't resist taking pics, I'm sure he'll appreciate them when he's a teenager ha!

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  • Dislikes:  I got DD a Cabbage Patch Doll (I think every girl should have one).  She has an American Girl doll and really likes her, so I thought she would like it.  She unwrapped it and claimed "Mommy, I told you I didn't like these" (which, according to my mom, she saw one on tv the week prior to Christmas and said she wanted one).  I put it away in her closet and figure I will try to get it out again when she's a little older.

    Gifts that I wasn't happy she got: A Hess Truck from DH's grandmom. Apparently DH told her to get DD one for Christmas every year so she can have her own collection. I think they are ridiculous and especially pointless for a girl. DD unwrapped it and exclaimed "This toy is for BOYS", and threw it on the floor. lol 

    Gift that I think is a flop: Cookie My Playful Pup. I thought it did more than just sit there and move it's head and grumble a little bit. It doesn't even seem to work that well, dont know if it already needs new batteries or the sensors are duds?  Glad I didn't spend my money on it, our dog attacks it way more than DD plays with it.

    She pretty much likes everything else and plays with everything daily.  Barbie stuff, M&D wooden Pizza play set, the Pinkie Pie My Little Pony thing that you teach to walk (she really likes this thing, you can feed it and it talks to you and makes eating sounds). 

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  • My DD liked her Ariel The Little Mermaid doll the best. That was the only thing she asked for. My parents also got her a V-tech mobi-go, which she loves.

    Worst was a Sing-a-ma-jig. It is down right scary. We got it from a family member. Other gift was a set of percussion instruments (drums, loud things) My daughter loves it. It gives me a headache. Thank you mom.

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