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I just wanted to update you on the dental situation.  I took Olivia in yesterday.  She said the spot is fairly small and that it's an area of decalcification <spelling?>, probably as a result of the oi.

Said to keep doing what we are doing - multi-vitamin with fluoride everyday, brushing twice and regular exams.  

Her teeth are coming in in a really strange order and I didn't really get a clear answer from the dentist as to why that might be.  She's got four on the bottom, only three on the top and then she just got a molar in the back.  

Strange... my son got all of his teeth (four top, four bottom, then the canines) before getting his molars in.

The dentist mentioned something about how, because of her condition, she may end up missing teeth but I presume she was getting confused about OI/DI.  I'll be going to a pediatric dentist for her next exam (in 6 mos)... had to see a general dentist first and get a referral in order for our insurance to cover the pediatric dentist.  I hope he's a bit more knowledgeable about OI.

Anyway, all seems fine for now.  No one in DH's family (with oi) has any dental problems other than some slight discoloration - that opalescent thing you were talking about, so I'm not too worried. 



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  • Sorry it took me so long to reply, things have been really busy around here with the  holidays. 

    Well I guess decalcification is better than DI, right? Did they give you any information on prevention or progression? Or is that why they referred you to the pedi dentist?

    When are kids supposed to start brushing their teeth and going to the dentist? DD has 5 teeth (3 upper and 2 lower, strange order as well) and I haven't done anything.  She also doesn't take any vitamins, should she be?  Our pediatricin hasn't said anything. 

    I thought I broke one of her fingers last night putting her PJs on. I heard a pop and she started screaming like crazy. She calmed down and it never did bruise or swell and she let's me push all over her arm/hand. So I guess we are ok. She didn't fuss at all today about it. Oh what's to come, sigh....


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