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Baby's movement is painful

Anyone else incredibly uncomfortable when LO moves? I don't know if she is just so big in relation to my size that her movements feel incredibly strong or what is going on. Last night it was taking my breath away every time she shifted positions because it felt like I was being punched by an adult in there, not a little 4.5lb baby. She is also constantly in my ribs and it feels like intercostal muscle cramps when she moves around up there.

Re: Baby's movement is painful

  • My LO isn't kicking too much but she is stretching out all the time and I get caught off guard when she compresses my lungs!  She has now taken to pushing my ribs apart so that is super uncomfortable but not exactly painful.

    I just keep reminding myself, five weeks to go!

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  • Sometimes I get painful spots when LO finds a favorite location... my OB said that the baby actually bruises the walls of the uterus with its kicks/movements.  Maybe you're bruising in there?  It's totally normal, no risk/issue... but makes sense!
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  • It depends for me, some movements are painful. Especially around my ribs a and major stomack muscles.
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  • Not all of LOs movements are painful, but some definitely are, or at least uncomforstble. Maybe you are bruised/sore from LO kicking in the same spots?

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  • Yes, I definitly know what you're saying.  I sometimes literally get sick to my stomach when he moves.  Ugh.
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  • I had this before baby (I think) turned and dropped some. LO was in my ribs and it was so painful. But now it is much less painful that way. But my pelvis is paying the price.

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  • Oh yes baby in my ribs, since she is breech her head is in my ribs. My OB told me today that some wemon have actually had their ribs dislocated or even broken by baby pushing on them....ouch!

    sometimes her movements make me want to puke like I am on a roller coaster ride... another reason I am hoping she flips soon!


  • imagenovasouthanblond:
    I def have a couple of tender spots since LO favors my right side and I'm pretty sure has a padunkadunk that he likes to protrude out of my tummy Alien style. You have a little human being poking, prodding, punching and kicking the same general area for 9+ months, I think it's normal to be in pain :-

    YES! absolutely this! today LO scraped their elbow along the bottom of my rib cage, it was startling.

  • I definitely have the occasional painful jerk and am always startled at how strong LO is.  I agree with some PP about it hurting more when LO stretches out and it feels as if a foot or hand is going to come right through your skin.  Usually if I get a few painful movements in the same area I will just keep rubbing that spot in a circular motion to see if I can get LO to move and most of the time it works...
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  • She kicks or punches somewhere on my right side and it send jolts throughout my body. I need a couple mintues to recover. 
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