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Back to work soon : (

Hi all - I am new to this board.  Our first child,  a girl is 10 weeks today and I am dreading going back to work in 2 weeks. I've enjoyed my time off.  My husband is self employed so not working or going back part time isn't an option.  Just looking for a pep talk - how hard are the first weeks back?  Any suggestions to how to prepare getting back to work?  Any working moms out there and how do you balance it all?  

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  • It's pretty tough at first, but hopefully you have a babysitter/childcare center you really trust.  That makes a big difference.  Try to think of the positives: you'll be a great role model for her, and the socialization will be great for her.  It really does get better after a few weeks. Plus, coming home to her smile - and when she's old enough - her crawling/running across the room straight into your arms: PRICELESS!  Finally, you need some "you" time, too.  Even though it's hard, use lunch breaks to catch up with friends, get shopping done, etc.  You don't want to lose yourself, and it's really easy to do when all you want to do is be around the light of your life.  GL!
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  • It is very hard & I had to go back right before Thanksgiving when LO was only 7 weeks.   In all honesty there is nothing that really will make it better to go to work, just spend alot of cuddle time with her & make sure you have pictures to take to work w/ you.  I just cannot wait for 4:30 to arrived so I can run home & love my little ones even more then I did when I left that morning.
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