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Girl Scouts

I know it is a way off, but are any of you considering this for your kids for Kindergarten or beyond?  I realize it is probably Daisies for Kindergarten.

I didn't contact anyone, but a friend told me that it was filled up when she tried to enroll her daughter in Kindergarten, and that it had a huge waiting list.  Just wondering if anyone knows anything or has suggestions.

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  • I'm not sure what activities she'll be involved in at that point.  Right now, she takes dance and at the start of the new year, she'll be taking gymnastics.  She also really wants to play soccer in the spring at her school so we'll sign her up for that as well. If she wants to join Girl Scouts, I definitely won't try to stop her; I just hope there's room in our schedules to keep everything going.  I'm tired just thinking about it!
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  • Is it a troop in your area that has a huge wait list?

    I would contact the girl scout council and see if there are any troops in surrounding areas you could try and get a space for your daughter. 

    A lot of times girl scout levels either go by age or grade. I was a girl scout through out K-12th grades. 

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  • Yes, I'd like to sign DD1 up. We can't really afford extra activities for her, but I think it's pretty cheap. I don't think it's very popular around here though...
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  • My daughter is a Daisy and I'm one of her troop leaders. If you can volunteer to be a troop leader, you can get your daughter in a troop. But it's a lot of work. The reason why there are waiting lists may be because of a lack of troop leaders. Just something to consider.


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