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Braxton Hicks?

I don't have anything that is resembling BH contractions. Is this okay? My Dr asked last week if I had and I told her no and she didn't seemed concerned. Guess I didn't think about it til now. I just got my daily pregnancy email it was talking how ladies get them mid pregnancy. I'm way past mid, so thought I'd ask.

Re: Braxton Hicks?

  • Lots of women never feel BH at all. There's nothing wrong. I actually JUST talked to my SIL the other day about them and she said she never felt BH at all with either of her 2 kids.

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  • I am in the same boat as you and my OB wasn't concerned at all.
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  • If I've had them, I haven't noticed them.  

  • I have food poisoning and was on a monitor all morning in L&D... they said I was having BH and I never felt them.
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  • There's a possibility you still might experience them seeing as how you still have some time left in the pregnancy. And like a pp said, there's also a chance you're experiencing them but don't know it. Either way, it's normal. 
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  • I did not feel them at all with #1, but definatley did for #2 and #3. Basically, it is when your stomach goes rock hard for a short period of time. I usually get them most often when I lay on my bakc. I am not sure if I didnt feel them with #1 cause I didnt know about them, but they generally dont hurt or anything.
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