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Woohoo CD1 (Long)

Hey Ladies,

So, it looks like we are on the road to getting this started again soon after about a two month, rather unplanned break. Nicole start finally, but luckily without the need for any medical intervention, on CD56. That was her longest yet as they are normally 28 - 34 days.

We are still trying to get the specialist to let us know what his plans for blood thinners are, although we are thinking that he will give her the dose of 120mg like we are requesting. That is the dosage she was on when her disorder was unhappy, but the clinic only had her on 30mg while we were doing our FET. It's all in the specialist's hands with the increase.

Meanwhile, her CD3 appointment went well. B/W looks good. I got the job I've been eyeing for a while, so I start in the production (hopefully shipping) dept of our locally own garden center that ships all over the country on Jan 2nd. I've been without work for nearly 5 months, so I'm thrilled! Plus, I'll be bringing in an extra $400 a month (as compared to my unemployment) to be used to paid off our cars!

Additionally, we are getting more excited about becoming foster parents. The training starts in March and we are already signed up to attend. We have been preparing our home for kids which included going through nearly everything we owned. I'm thrilled to announce we will be taking a whole SUV full of donations!!

 Happy New Year!!


***Loss and success mentioned***
Me:34, Wife: 32
IF reasoning = MFI: Zero Sperm Count using FairFax donor bank
IUI #1 - #3: 2011 = BFN
IVF: 2011 = BFN, lost all 10 embryos (with C/Ps)
Jan 2014 - OBGYN (not RE) found and removed wife's "field of" uterine polyps after failed IVF

Moving on to surrogacy (actually a planned adoption)
Surrogate IUI#1: 7.17.12 = BFP!! 15dpiui = 256, 17dpiui = 346
Oliver Zane born - 3/29/2013 on Good Friday!

IUI #4 - #6: 2014-2015 = BFN (with C/Ps)
Switch sperm donors, start ketosis diet to reduce inflammation late 2015
IVF 2: Jan and Feb 2016, 3 great looking, 8 cell 3 day embryos. Two ET, one frozen
2.18.2016 (8dp3dt) = BFFP!
2.22.2016 (12dp3dt) = 649!!

Started foster care experience in 2012. Now waiting to adopt our foster daughter, 7, who has lived with us for 3 years. 

"Wait for your God, and don't give up on Him - ever!" Hosea 12:6 (msg)

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Re: Woohoo CD1 (Long)

  • I had been wondering what happened to you :)   Sounds like you have lots of exciting things for the year ahead.  Good luck and congrats on the job also!

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    Aug 2011 dx MFI
    Oct 2011 referral to RE 1500mg Met
    5 Rounds of Clomid
    On waiting list for injects/IUI
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  • Congrats on the job and good luck!!  Hoping for great things for you two in 2012!
    Double the love
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    7/30/12 - B/G twins born at 33w4d due to PPROM
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  • I'm glad everything is going well for you and congrats on the job Smile

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  • Wow :) Congrats on the new job, and of course CD1! :) Best wishes to you both in 2012!


    08.2008 | Diagnosed with PCOS
    11.2011 | First appointment with RE
    12.2011 | HSG reveals 100% blockages in both tubes
    02.2012 | Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy to unblock tubes...success!

    { BFP # 1 | April 1, 2012 }
    Jonah Alexander is here! Born 12.07.12 @ 39w3d

    { BFP # 2 | May 22, 2013 }
    Chemical Pregnancy :(

    { BFP # 3 | February 12, 2014 }
    So far, so good! We love you, little peanut!

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  • I love seeing wonderful news!!!!  I am so happy for you and Nicole.  2011 seemed to end very well for you two.  I hope this continues through 2012.  Keep us updated on fostering children as well.  That is so exciting!
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    SA 4% morph ~ RE recommends IVF

    DH diagnosed with Varicocele ~ surgery Sept 2010

    DH results came back good! Jan 2011 ~ Recommend IUI

    IUI#1,2 & 3 ~ clomid = BFN

    IUI#4 7/26 ~ 5mg Femara = BFN

    IUI#5 8/22 ~ 150iu Bravelle + HCG + Booster = BFP!!!!

    9/27 @ 7weeks pg no h/b & enlarged yok sac (m/c)

    IUI#6 12/12 ~ 100mg clomid = BFN

    IUI#7 1/11 ~ 150iu Bravelle + HCG + Booster = BFFN

    IUI#8 2/8 ~ 225iu Bravelle + Ovidrel + Prometrium = BFP!!!

    6w3d ~ hb 126 8w3d ~ hb 160, March 30th~ Released from RE

    A/S June 15th ~ It's a BOY!

  • Congrats on the job! Good luck in 2012 :)

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    Married 09/15/2007. TTC since 07/2010.
    Me: 27 - Dx is PCOS w/IR- on 500mg Met, HSG 05/2011 & Lap 12/2011- all clear
    DH: 31 - Dx is low motility
    08/2011 - 10/2011 - varying dosages of Clomid, HCG Triggers & TI / IUI#'s 1 & 2 = BFN
    11/2011 Femara 5mg + HCG Trigger + IUI#3 = BFN
    12/2011 Break cycle for Lap, found I ovulated on my own during Lap procedure = BFN

    01/2012 Break cycle before starting Gonal-F, HCG Trigger & IUI#4 =
    Surprise ovulation gives us our BFP on Valentine's Day!
    Beta #1: 96, Beta #2: 275, Beta #3: 767, 1st u/s - 3/7: 1 baby w/HR of 137bpm, 2nd u/s - 3/22: Great! HR of 179bpm, graduated from RE, 1st OB appt 3/26 - all good. 3rd u/s - 4/2 - All is great! Measuring a day ahead. Monthly OB appts for the next few months. Early elective A/S on 5/10 - found out baby is a girl!! We are so thrilled!!
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  • Congratulations on the new job and good luck! 
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    [center]BFP 09/3/2011 = c/p 4w2d[/center]
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    [center]BFP 03/06/2012[/center]
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  • image smurray217:
    Congrats on the job and good luck!!  Hoping for great things for you two in 2012!



    Me:25 DH:30

    My DX:PCOS,ENDO and Uterine Fibroids

    DH:SA Normal

    6/08 started Metformin 2000mg.

    2/09 50 mg clomid: BFN

    3/09 Lap & Hysteroscopy to remove polyp, repair left tube, remove endo tissue.

    4/09-8/09 clomid cycles (50mg up to 200mg) w/ trigger All BFFN!!!

    9/09-9/11 mental and physical break (but still TTC on Metformin) to lose weight and get myself back together...AND I got a new dr.

    10/11 HSG: DX Right tube blocked

    11/11 100mg clomid + trigger + TI: follie on right side so it's a no go.

    12/11 100mg clomid + trigger + Progesterone+ TI= BFFN!

    1/12 100mg clomid + trigger + Progesterone + IUI= Cancelled due to cyst
    3/12 Lap = Lasered off endo and turns out my tubes are all clear!!!!!
    4/12 2.5mg Femara + TI + Progesterone = BBFN!!
    5/12 5mg Femara + Trigger + TI + Progesterone = in progress

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  • Congrats to you on your new job!  That, in itself, is wonderful news.  I went for a over a year without a job and it was a trying time to say the least!  I wish y'all the best of luck this year in everything!
  • Congrats on the new job and the new cycle! Welcome back!
    TTC since February 2010 Dx PCOS and annovulatory

    3 rounds clomid = waste of time

    May 2011 HSG = clear

    Lap: Nov.2011 triple cystectomy from left ovary, adhesions removed between right ovary and bowel, repeat HSG was clear

    Jan 2012: Femera 5mg (TI)= BFN

    Feb 2012: Femera 5mg (TI)= BFN

    March 2012: Femera 5mg (TI)= BFP m/c @ 6 weeks D&C

    July 2012: IUI #1 Femera 5mg+pregnyl = BFN

    August 2012: Femera 5mg (TI) = BFP!! stick baby stick!!

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