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Does my LO look like me, at all?

EVERYONE tells me she is my H's mini-me.

Here is her (left) at her 1st birthday and me (right) at my first birthday:


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Re: Does my LO look like me, at all?

  • She looks like you from the eyebrows, up. I'm sorry, she looks just like YH.
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  • We need your DH's 1-yr photo to properly compare!  Don't worry- it can change...LO was DH's mini me, then my mini me, now a blend.  Or else you can rethink that one and done business ;)
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  • I thought she looked just like you, until I saw pics of her with your H. I still think she looks like you though! If it makes you feel better look at my pics. People don't believe S is mine! 
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  • I haven't seen pics of your H (I don't think) and I haven't really seen a large one of you (just your avatar), but when I saw the pics from her first bday, I thought she looked just like least the you I see in your avatar pic.
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  • I don't know what your H looks like but I can totally see a resemblance to you. 

    Everyone tells me DS looks like DH as well (and by everyone, I mean all of DH's family on FB), even though he clearly looks more like me as a baby than DH as a baby when you look at pictures.  I chalk it up to DH's family wanting to take credit for all of DS's cuteness.  My mom tells me he reminds her a lot of me when I was a baby, and that's enough to hold me over until he grows and starts show more obvious characteristics of both me and my H.

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