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February 2012 Moms

"I'm due next month"

Starting tomorrow we can all say this! It's crazy how time has flown by!
<3 Rachel <3 
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Re: &amp;quot;I'm due next month&amp;quot;

  • Wow! Remember first tri when February seemed sooooo far away?? It's crazy how fast the last few months have flown by!
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  • It's so crazy!  I wonder if this month is going to fly by, or crawl by......
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  • I know right, I'm loving it!!!
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  • Eeeee!
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  • I was just thinking this morning, as I was sleeping in/lounging around - next month, I can't do this anymore since a little person will be ruling my decisions :-)
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  • I'm not ready.. So she needs to stay put.
  • Holy Moly!!!

    Only one more month of sleeping in (not that I am anyway), going out to eat or anywhere without packing for a baby to join, putting myself and my needs first and going anywhere alone.

    Next month we will be moms!!! wow!


  • Omg... Totally hadn't though of it that way!!!

  • I really wonder how many of us will be moms this month (January). I lurk on the Jan board constantly and they're dropping like flies (read giving birth in December). 

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  • My EDD is Feb 1st so I like to fib and say January sometimes. I am already so big that when I say I am due Feb 1st all they hear is February and I guess that sounds like a long time to go. Then I start getting the twins comments or that I'm not gonna make it...  I also round down my weeks remaining... so 4 weeks sounds much better than 5...

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