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I wish DD had a lovey

...because lately her comfort thing is to climb up on me, pop her thumb in her mouth, and shove her other hand down my shirt.  Sometimes it's her entire arm, sometimes she only reaches in with her hand to touch the top of my chest, and unfortunately sometimes she sneaks her hand into my bra and caresses my nip!  It's weird because she's never been much of a comfort nurser -- to her it's more about food.

It's funny and cute (sometimes) when she does it but I wish she had some other comfort item besides my bewbs :0

Re: I wish DD had a lovey

  • Stick a lovey down there.  That's how I got my two attached to them (well, lovey inbetween me and my LO while nursing). 
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  • Hen does this too! I tried introducing a lovie but it didn't take.
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  • You might want to start re-directing that boobie love. My friend's 3 year old puts his hands down his mom's shirt to touch her boobs in public. It's the only thing that calms him down sometimes.
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  • image HenHen25:
    Hen does this too! I tried introducing a lovie but it didn't take.
    We're still working on this. So far no progress. :(


    ETA: We haven't nursed since she was 3 weeks old, but she still gabs them while she has her bottle or I'm rocking her. And the nipple grabbing drives me nuts.

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