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TTA...(hope this is OK to post here)

I am trying to plan ahead for when DH and I get the go ahead to resume sex.  We definitely don't want to get PG again for an indefinite amound of time.  I am BFing, but I know that that isn't a guaraunteed form of prevention. 

When I was on BC right after DH and I got married and it messed me up big time!  We're talking crazy mood swings, never in the mood to DTD, weight gain....the works.  Since being PG and now having LO, things seem to have balanced out hormonally.  Because of this (and BFing) I don't want to go back on BC.

I know taht there are other forms of TTA, but very few allow for being spontaneous.  If you ladies have any thoughts or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

***PS, I hope this is OK to post here.  My appologies if this hurtful or offends anyone***

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Re: TTA...(hope this is OK to post here)

  • I had no bad side effects with hormonal BCPs, but even still with BFing I didn't want to take the mini pill and possibly give her any hormones, and DH doesn't want me to either, so we are using condoms.I know that doesn't allow for spontaneity but neither does the baby, we already have to plan around when she's sleeping and will likely stay asleep long enough, so it hasn't been a problem.

    I haven't gotten my period yet so I can't tell what my cycles are doing but if I get it and get at all regular again I may chart to help with the TTA process so we know when to totally avoid risking it. 

    Besides, she provides her own form of birth control, she definitely doesn't want a baby brother or sister, she almost always manages to interrupt us no matter how soundly we think she's sleeping.

    I also read this which made me feel more confident as I normally wouldn't trust condoms alone:

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  • ::Lurking from PGAL::

    I am not able to take hormonal BC due to clotting issues.  We primarily used a barrier method (definitely not the sexiest) until about a year before we started TTC when I got Mirena.  It's a low enough hormone that it's not considered systemic and it allows you to be spontaneous.  I had very little issue adjusting to it and would definitely consider getting one again. 

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  • Birth control pills made me a crazy person, but I had zero problems with Mirena pre-TTC.  This time around, lactational amenorrhea worked too well for me since AF stayed away past when I wanted to start TTC, but you'll have to see how your body does since it doesn't work for everyone.
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  • I got a Mirena and I love it.
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  • I went back on BCP after I stopped bfing. As much as I swore left and right I wouldn't, it was really the best option for me.
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  • We used condoms until last month, I had a Mirena before LO, and loved it.
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  • I take the mini pill, pump and we use condoms to tta  I'm a raging b!tch on hormonal bc so that wasn't an option for me
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