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Birth Photography

Is anyone planning on having the birth photographed? I want to, but we don't plan on having family in the room so I don't know how to break it to them, that we want this... but not them :-/

If you are getting photographs, how much are yours going to cost? 

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Re: Birth Photography

  • I dont think you have to tell them, specifically, that someone else is invited and they're not. Or you can tell them that they can see the pics afterwards? You know your fam so...

    But no, I dont even want DH or anyone to have a cam in the delivery room, let alone hiring a photographer.

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  • I'm answering as a photog; 

    A) does your fam need to know? If they aren't in there, they won't know who else is/isn't in there with you. Or, be honest. Tell them it's important to document this once in a lifetime event and you want to keep it simple and intimate with just you, your SO and the photog will be documenting as a fly on the wall.

    B)  Prices vary by location, but a standard package in the dc area is more of a "first year" with documentation starting at the birth, and then once a month after and is typically $2,000 + for the whole package.  

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  • This is the obligatory post saying that the idea of having birth pictures grosses me out. I would never look at them... I experienced it, that's more than enough for me. I will have pics taken after we're all cleaned up. To each their own tho. :)

    And, to answer your question, I wouldn't tell your family... I don't see any particular reason why they need to know. If they say something later, I'd explain it as a pp said... Photog=fly on the wall. Totally different from family.  

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