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I lost my Christmas present :(

DH bought me a beautiful diamond solitare necklas for Christmas and I lost it last night. :( I have no idea where is came off of me at, I didn't take it off. I'm hoping it is in our bed, I didn't sleep well last night, woke several times, DH had a stressful night at work and I tossed and turned....I am praying it's in the mess of a bed I rolled out of this morning. I'm about to cry.
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Re: I lost my Christmas present :(

  • Oh no! Do you remember the last time you felt it on your neck and were you at home at the time? If so, then you didn't lose it, it's just misplaced for the time being. The best thing you can do is take a break and try to look for it again later. I find that it's a whole lot easier to find something when you've calmed down a bit then when you're trying to find it in a panic. Hopefully, it's tangled up in your bedding. Good luck and I hope you find it!!!
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  • Thanks! The last time I remember seeing it on me was last night, not this morning when I woke up. Ive searched my office to no avail. I'm hoping it's tangled up somewhere at home .:(
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  • Ask St Anthony to say a prayer that you will find it! Works every time!

  • I am going to sound like my good ole' Catholic Mom, but she lives by this.

    Prayer to St. Anthony, Patron of Lost Items My mother was taught this prayer by a nun (her teacher in High School) when she lost something. She found what she lost and has been saying ever since.

    "Tony, Tony, Look around. Something's lost and must be found"

    You can also substitute the name of the article you're looking for (i.e. my necklace) for the word 'Something.'




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  • I prayed to St Anthony and found it! Not only did I find it the diamond somehow came loose and I found it too! We took it straight to be replaced!
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