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Postpartum Depression

Postpartum or baby blues?

Our newborn is 12 days old, and I am an emotional roller coaster.  I'm scared that it's postpartum depression.  Sometimes I have energy and can take care of her just fine, but mostly I depend on my husband and mother to do everything.  Sometimes I just want to be away from her for hours at a time, and I have yet to feel that "unbelievable love" for her.  My husband took her to her grandparents today, and told me to come visit, but I don't want to, I am having a panic attack just thinking about seeing her.  It hurts so bad that I'm feeling like this, because it took us so long to conceive and she was such a blessing!  I'm not stupid, I know I am SO lucky to have a healthy newborn, so what is going on?

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  • It may just be fatigue and the baby blues, but it would probably be good to call your OB and talk with them. 

    Good luck with everything. 

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