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Hi! I've been lurking for a few weeks. Learned a lot, read the newbie link, and have generally immersed myself in all things TTC-related that I can get my hands on. Ha! Currently I'm actually reading What To Expect Before You're Expecting. I'm an addict. :P

A bit of background info: I've been with my DH unofficially for about six years. We met in June 2004 (online), and started a quasi-relationship thing around May 2005. We never made it official just because neither of us wanted to be in a LDR. In August 2007 I moved away from NY (where I'm originally from) to Alberta (where he's from) and that's when we officially started dating. Got married 11 months later in July 2008 when I was just about to turn 19 and he had just turned 23. He never wanted kids, and I was always kind of back and forth on the idea growing up. Now that we've been married for a few years both of us have decided we do want children together. I'm ready to start trying right away, he wants to wait a year or two. I told him I was fine with that as I do understand where he's coming from, but also told him that whenever I get pregnant is perfectly fine with me. I had been on BCP for about 7 years and stopped taking it in September. We're not actively trying yet but we're not exactly not trying either.

Today, it looks like AF is starting (my cycles have been pretty regular since going off the pill...I never really had much issues with it but I was tired of messing with my natural hormones). Everytime I get AF now I'm disappointed! It's so frustrating because I feel like it shouldn't be a big deal since we're not actively trying. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for you ladies who are actively trying! 

Anyway, this post was a bit longer than I was anticipating. :) I just figured it was about time I introduce myself! Plus, it's nice to have somewhere where people understand how disappointing it is to get AF when you're TTGP. DH tries to understand, but he just tells me I have too much estrogen. :P

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