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Recent PIP of me & A

 I haven't posted any in forever. Ignore my large pores but look closely and you'll see she's now missing her two front teeth.






And, A & my nephew. Isn't he adorable?


Re: Recent PIP of me & A

  • what a sweet picture!
    Michelle Mommy to Kayleigh, Audrey and Faith. image
  • Wow! She looks so much like you! Same beautiful smile and facial structure/cheekbones. 
  • You are both so beautiful!

    I hope things are going well for you!


  • Thanks. Yes, she's my mini-me. We're doing well, EK.

  • She sure is a beauty! And your nephew is so cute I want to eat him!

    Did you have fun playing tooth fairy?

    Rebecca- mom to 3 kids: DS born 2005, DD born 2007 and DS born 2010.
  • Thanks. My nephew is the other half of my heart. Love him. Oh, the tooth fairy gig is breaking me. Lol. I forgot with this last one and had to think quick but she bought it.

  • image belle204:
    Thanks. Yes, she's my mini-me. We're doing well, EK.

    Good to know! I think about you and A often. 

  • You two are gorgeous! A is getting so big too!
  • hey Belle! Haven't been on in a while. You two look fabulous, hope all is well. Happy New Year.

  • she's Getting so big. good to see you!
    DS 8/29/09 (3yo) DD 11/29/11 (8mo)
  • welcome back, i have missed you.   too cute pics.  even tho the dentist said in nov 23 that h would lose her front teeth very soon...well its almost january now

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  • Love the pics, you're both beautiful!  Your nephew is adorable too!
    Cheryl, Evan 4.25.05, Paige 7.2.07
  • Adorable! You and A and your nephew.
  • You're both gorgeous!  And I also love the one with A and your nephew.  
  • So cute!
    Alex (11/14/06) and Nate (5/25/10)
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  • Great pics!  You are both beautiful!!

  • nice pic

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