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Postpartum compression belt?

Do any of you recommend or have experience with any of these post-delivery binder belts? Are they really much different than if I just wore my maternity belly band that I already have? (I'm guessing that these post delivery ones must be more elastic-y, but I don't know...) Also how do you choose what size? The belly bandit page says you should measure your tummy at 8months pregnant and get that size! Is that true?


Gabrialla Breathable Binder



Peanut Shell Flats Compression Belt



 Belly Bandit Original


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Re: Postpartum compression belt?

  • Last time i just used my maternity belly band and i felt good with that... it just felt like it was sort of "holding me together", and i could fold it in half or put on 2 if i wanted it to feel a little more snug. 
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  • I'm planning to use one of those medical grade ones, similar to the Gabrialla...
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  • Last time I used a belly band, but this time I'm going to buy the real deal. I'm looking forward to some support.
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  • I actually purchased the Gabrialla and have it packed away in my L&D bag. It seems like it's shaped better to fit a woman's curves. I would personally stay away from the belly bandit since it's so expensive and consumer reviews tend to be mixed.

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  • Thanks for the advice ladies. What about the size? How did you choose what size to get? Or are you waiting till after delivery?

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  • I have heard they are common in European countries...and lets face it, European's look a lot better than most Americans, I'm willing to try it :-)


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