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How much did Lupron cost?

I went for my post-op appt for my lap today and was told to fill my Rx so I can begin a 3-month series of Lupron injections beginning when AF arrives. This should clear up the remaining endo left from the procedure.

I just googled to see if I could get a general idea, but I'm seeing everywhere from $250-$3,000!  

I'm sure it varies by insurance providers and location, but can anyone give me a general idea?  

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Re: How much did Lupron cost?

  • If you're using it for Endo your insurance should cover it.  Mine did even though I have no IF coverage so it was just a $25 copy for me for one shot. I did one shot monthly for 6 months. For Endo treatment they come in a once a month dose or once every 3 months dose 
  • My insurance also covered it even though I have no IF coverage.  It cost the insurance $1300 and I paid a monthly copayment of $145.

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  • Two vials were $330, but even though I have no IF coverage... For some reason they covered it and it was a $35 co-pay....

    I think pp was right, for treatment of endo, you should be covered.
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  • Thanks! This makes me feel much better. I needed a little reassurance, as I can't speak with my insurance company until Monday!
    Dx: Stage IV Endo & PCOS
    Lap #1 12/2011
    6 Rounds of IVF w/ ICSI: July 2012-July 2013: BFN {Bravelle, Menopur, Ganirelix, Endometrin, Dexemethasone}
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  • A lot of insurance companies have a website you can check how much stuff costs on line... just so you won't go crazy till Monday.

    Also, IDK if ukatz had the same experience but I couldn't just take the prescription to a regular walgreens or cvs (even though thats what dr thought). The dr had to actually send prescription to caremark speciality pharmacy.  Caremark had to call me every month and ask if it was okay to mail it and then they had to mail it to my GYN's office.  Just a heads up 

  • I had to get mine at the dr.s office and each one cost about $70. The one month version is ~$700 per shot but then insurance discounted and covered most of that. Make sure they code it as endo. I was told that the side effects were less for the one month shot versus the 3 month. Don't know that for sure since I did the 1 month.
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