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ovulation and no pos opk?

pardon my typos and no caps.... bumping from phone.

this is my first cycle using opks. last week i got 2 pos opks but my tempsshowed no true shift. i assumed my cold was delaying my o. now ive seen a huge shift but have been getting all neg opks. im guessing tom if my temp stays up ff might give me chs but my q is..... is it possible to ovulate with no pos opk? 


..have a happy new yr everyone  !! =]


Re: ovulation and no pos opk?

  • Yes! I read this yesterday on peeonastick.com. I recommend checking the site out it has a lot of good info!
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  • i usually do read pp but with no internet until jan 5 and only using my phone which has booted me off sev times reading pp i decided to just make my own. thanks for the response though. 

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  • thanks larhun! im going to check that out now. 

  • Sophia you may have missed your surge. How many times per day were you testing? Also what happens if you put in a higher dummy temp for tomorrow?
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  • tonir i tried that... i dont know if ff is dif on ur cell (man i cant wait to get my int back) but i put in a million dummy temps n it didnt put it any chs. guess ill see tomorrow. i ususally only test once a day... a couple of times i did two.

  • You can get +OPKs and not actually ovulate. It means your body was gearing up to ovulate by releasing luteinizing hormone (LH) but didn't release an egg. You would have seen a temperature shift if you did ovulate.

    You can also get -OPKs and still ovulate. You might have missed your LH surge. Lots of girls test 2 or 3 times per day to be able to catch it.  

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