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Reintegration with LO

For those of you with LOs under 2, how did your child act when your spouse returned from deployment?  I assume it will take a bit for DD to warm back up to DH.  It breaks my heart because he has told me several times he is worried LO won't remember him.

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Re: Reintegration with LO

  • She won't remember him, but it shouldn't take long for them to get re-acquainted.  Ffollowing her lead is key, especially if she's having stranger amxiety right now.  
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  • Unless you've been able to Skype or use some other type of video chat where she can see and hear him often, she won't remember him.  She'll warm up to him soon, though.  Just be sure to take it slow and be patient. 
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  • Luckily, we are able to skype fairly often, but she basically just points to the screen, says hi, shows him her belly button or whatever new trick she wants to show off, and then runs off to play. 

    LO has stranger anxiety right now. It took awhile to warm up to her grandparents when they recently came to visit.  We skype with them once a week, but she's only seen them a handful of times in person.  

    Thanks for your input.

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  • When my BIL deployment my nephew was 7 months old... He wasn't able to skype and was only able to call 1-2 times a month. He was home due to combat injuries just before he turned 1. My sister still believes to this day that he remembered who is daddy was and didn't have issues warming up to him.

    Every child is different and it was depend on yours. You know your child best. I am pg with my first, so I can't give completely solid advice, but I'd say to try to make your LO as comfortable as possible around him and slowly give alone time with him as your LO becomes more comfortable with him.

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  • I know this isn't the same but DH left when DD was 2 months and came back when she was 6 months. We talked everyday on Skype and when he talked for the first couple hours she gave him this weird look. haha. But she went right too him. It was just funny because towards the end she would get SO excited when she would see him on the computer, it made him feel like she actually knew who he was.
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