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We got the friggen stomach bug...

My Husband's damn cousins in CT- DAMN THEM!!!!!!!


Luckily D seems to be feeling better today.  

Of course it started in the car on the way home from Ik.ea.  

Mother and son together getting sick on the side of the Garde.n Sta.te Park.way.  

I'll never, in a million years, understand why the hell his cousins did not tell us they had a puking child in the house.


Good times.  

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Re: We got the friggen stomach bug...

  • I have never understood why people dont speak up. I have two sick kiddos right now and i just emailed a cousin to say we would not be coming tonight because there is no way i would expose other kiddos to even a cold

    I hope the bug passes quickly 

  • Ugh! That virus is wicked! I hope you're both feeling better soon! Have you told the germ-infested family that they got you sick too?
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  • That sucks! I had a similar thing happen to me but I was the source of the problem :-(

    1/2 way through DDs 1st birthday she seemed really off and started with diareaha (sp). I ended the party ASAP but it didnt stop 3 of my family members from getting it. Worst of whom was my brother. He got sick on a flight to India of all places. I still feel awful and would never have had the party if I knew she was sick.

    I'm glad you are feeling better and sorry they were so inconsiderate.


  • Oh NO!  I hope it passes quickly.  :(  We gave it to everyone on Christmas a few years ago.  Ava was just 7 weeks old, and she was really tired that day.  She had reflux, and was spitting up more than usual, but we never connected the dots.  Christmas night she started full-on vomiting, and by the next day both of us, my dad, my sister, and both of DH's sisters had it bad.  I felt so awful, but I really didn't know until after the party.  That sucker is so damn contagious.
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  • When I saw your status on FB yesterday I had to both laugh (at the visual of it all) and cringe. I'm so sorry that you guys got it. I hope it passes quickly, and I'm sorry it ruined your much anticipated Ik.ea trip.

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  • ohhhhh yuck!

    i agree that it was so inconsiderate of them not to tell you before you left. i would be so annoyed! 

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  • Oh NO!! What is wring with them for not telling you?! It's seriously like an attack. I'm so sorry and I hope you guys feel better very soon.
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  • Gah, sorry, I was hoping you would dodge it. Feel better soon!
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  • I hoped you called them and "thanked" them.

  • NNNOOOOOOOOOOO SMILEE!!  I thought you were going to escape unscathed!  I'm sorry.  It sucks. Hope you're all feeling a million times better soon.  (The diarrhea comes after the puke-a-thon.  Watch your little guy carefully, mine got dehydrated and had to get IV fluids - no fun.)  Hang in there mama!

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  • i'm so pissed at your husband's cousins. i hope this is over very soon.
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