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Foreign Service moms..

Are embassies usually able to do vaccinations? We have spoken to our consulate regarding citizenship, etc. and asked about vaccinations; all they said was that they didn't do them. However, the embassy is on the other side of the country and I was hoping they could do them. Anyone know how this usually works?

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  • I assume you are not actually a member of the FS...but an AmCit living overseas? If you are a member of the FS - it depends on your post. If you are an AmCit - then no. No embassy or consulate will provide vaccinations. Can you provide a bit more info? Both my husband and I are/have been employed overseas with the DOS. We are home for one year for language training before we head out again this summer. Let me know what other questions you have...
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    My family is a Foreign Service family. Families like mine are posted in every corner of the globe. We live our lives away from family, friends and the conviences and comforts of home. We often live and work in dangerous places among those that misunderstand our intentions and purposes. Sometimes members of our ranks sacrifice our lives to further diplomacy.  Please remember that we serve too. And I'm always open to questions.

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