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Boycotting solids

DD hates food.  Pur?e's were a massive fail (she'd only sometimes take pears and Sweet Potatoes).

 We've just started table foods but isn't a fan.  Is anyone else having food issues?  Pedi isn't concerned- said some babies just take longer/have "texture issues". 

Re: Boycotting solids

  • DS wouldn't eat purees until 9 months of age, and never was big on food. He is an incredibly picky eater now as well, but I know of other babies that didn't like food until after one year who are great eaters now. Keep offering and try not to worry!
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  • Yea DS is the same way... He will only eat pears for fruit and veggies he likes pretty much all veggies but he does refuse purees a lot. a few times a week. He still drinks BM well and pedi didnt seemed too worried. THey just told me to continue to offer
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