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See you all in 2012

Hello ladies!

My IUI #3 was a BFN. The hubby and I have decided to take a break (it will be at least 3-6 months). I plan to use this time to travel some more and loose some much needed weight. Also August will be our 10 yr anniversary, so we would like to do a big vacation for that special anniversary. It has taken me a while to get to this point, but I am okay with it. I think the fact that one of my closest friends got pregnant also increased the pressure for it to happen considering she's younger than me and my concern that I will be 35 October 2012.

 Although I truly had hope that 2011 would be my year, I am at the beach enjoying my time with my hubby and dog. I am also going to take a break from the site, but I wish all you ladies BFPs and much success in 2012.

Married 11 years. PCOS; TTC since 2009; 3 unsuccessful IUIs;
New RE. First & Hopefully Last IVF November 2013.

Re: See you all in 2012

  • I'm sorry about the BFN :(  Take care, I hope 2012 is much better!!
    TTC Babypants with low motility and low morphology since 6/2010.

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    Stuck in counting limbo.

    SAIF always welcome!!

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  • I'm sorry about your BFN. I got one this month too and we also are taking a break. Only a month or two for us. Our 5 year anniversary is in June and we were thinking big nice vacay also. Enjoy your break and I just know that 2012 is our year!

    Married June 2007
    IUD Removed Dec 2009
    TTC April 2010
    HX: IF workup in June '11
    Me: 29, Left Tube Blocked
    DH: 28, Low Sperm Count/Morph
    Trying for IUI Aug, Sept, Oct '11 - no go O'ing on left
    Nov - 50mg clomid, 4 follies, wrong side - BFN
    Dec - 100mg Clomid - IUI#1 - BFN
    Jan '12 Break Cycle and RE Consult
    19Jan2012 - CD#1
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  • So sorry about your BFN Sad Enjoy traveling and spending some time with your DH without the pressures of IF looming over you 24/7. Hoping when you come back to us that the stay will be short and sweet in 2012!
    TTC since March 2010

    Me: 26 DX anovulation and unexplained; DH: 27, perfect

    Clomid 3/10-7/10, 3/11-8/11: no ovulation

    Femara 9/11: no ovulation

    Moving on to Follistim shots 9/11

    Follistim+Ovidrel+Pregnyl+IUI 10/11

    2WW....testing on 10/29!...BFN

    11/11 Follistim+Ovidrel+Pregnyl+TI...BFN

    Moving on to IVF!...February 2012 cycle; ER: 2/17, ET: 2/22! BFP!!!! Beta #1 2/28 30, Beta #2 112 Beta #3 3/5 421, Beta #4 3/8 1515, 1st u/s 3/12...IT'S TWINS!!!!! EDD: 11/10/12!!!!


  • Sorry about the BFN :(

    I hope you enjoy your break and spending time with your hubby!  

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