Reality has struck and the marks have been made.:-( — The Bump
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Reality has struck and the marks have been made.:-(

I am getting stretch marks on my tummy. I want to cry. I really thought I'd be able to rock a bikini after baby. Now since they all the sudden started showing up I am coming to the realization that won't happen and I want to cry. I know baby will be worth it but I just really convinced myself I wouldn't get them since mom didn't. I get sad because hubs is a trainer and in great shape and now I may not rock a bikini again and he's never said anything bad about the stretch marks, but I just hope he still finds my body attractive after 6 more weeks of these things spreading across my belly :-(

Re: Reality has struck and the marks have been made.:-(

  • the marks will fade and you will look good again. It is possible to rock a bikini after baby, even with a few stretch marks.  Not only will your hubby still find you attractive but I bet he will be amazed at your strength and endurance as you labour and give birth to his child!
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  • Yes it stinks, but they fade big time after the baby. I have heard some people have had them pretty much disappear with the oils and creams, but I had no such luck using  them. It's worth a try though!!!
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  • Mine faded a little and the summer after DS I wore one. Dont worry, I have a big new one from DD, that I dont think its going to be recoverable, but Im going to try to get rid of it!
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  • Rocking a bikini isnt about what you look like, it is more about your confidence. I am sure your H will still find you attractive...those marks will remind him of your child and all you sacrificed for your child.

    I am learning to deal with mine and will rock a bikini with them


  • Your all right ladies and I am sure I'll embrace them, Especially after I look into those tiny little eyes of our little one, and I know they'll fade, it's more coming to terms with the fact that I do have them now . I am lucky to have a fabulous hubby that would never tell me I am anything but beautiful. Thanks for the reassurance mama's!
  • Honestly, stretch marks are no big deal.  I have them EVERYWHERE because of growing too fast (my arms, legs, hips, etc).  They have been there since I've been in sixth grade, and while many of them fade, the rest are still there.  You completely get used to them, so don't worry about it! 
  • My mom had four kids and her weight has yo-yo-ed a bit.  Now she is totally healthy and at a great weight, she makes this concoction of vitamin E oil, tea tree oil and olive oil. A bit smelly, but her stretch marks on her belly have almost totally faded.  Just thought this may help...I plan to use this also and see what happens.
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