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baby position

At my OB appt on Thursday morning she said baby was "locked and loaded" head down. LO just got hiccups and the epicenter was not coming from where the head was yesterday. Its more in my left hip area. Did he shift out of head down? I thought they usually stay put once they are there.
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Re: baby position

  • From what I've heard, you've still got a couple weeks before baby will stay put.  I'm pretty sure my little guy is going to stay where he is now, since he's been there for about a week, and he doesn't have much wiggle room anymore!  Just had an ultrasound this afternoon, and he's in "prime position" as the tech said; head down, spine out.  Don't worry too much about position just yet!  I've heard stories of babies turning head down the day before birth!
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  • My doc just reassured me on Wed that she's head down, movin towards the light at the end of the tunnel! BUT, that nothing is holding her there. I told him on occasion, she feels like she's transverse, and he said that it is a possibility, but showed me where her back, butt, and feet were. He said if I still feel her feet in my ribs, and my right side feels harder than my left, she's still in the same position. She can def. move though.
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  • Maybe he is positioned to where his diaphragm is in your left hip area and that's why you're feeling the hiccups there. The same thing happens with me except on the right side. She is head down still (has been since 20 weeks) and her back and butt rest a long my right side.
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  • I'm the same, hiccups coming from my hip and the kicking is all up in the far right corner. at 32 weeks we've still got a ways to go and the baby is small enough to still be floating around a bit. they'll settle in eventually. 
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