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update to breast biopsy

so last week I had to have a breast biopsy.  I posted about it that I was waiting for the results.

So the nodule that they biopsied was benign...prayers answered, but.....there was a second nodule in there when they went in and I guess she couldnt get it at that point (this one was missed on the original mammo, ultrasound and mri).

UGH so...because of the biopsy trauma I have to wait and then I will get another MRI and ultrasound to see if it is growing.  If it is then that one will be biopsied.

I am still leaking so if I continue to leak for the next six months and it doesn't go away she is going to take the duct out because she thinks there is definitely something wrong with it (i don't breastfeed anyway)

So some VERY good news and some annoying news. 

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Re: update to breast biopsy

  • Yay for good news and here's to hoping that continues!
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  • Glad you're okay! How are you feeling? 
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  • Good news. Hope everything else ends up that way, too.
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