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Well that was a kick in the butt...

I went to the OB yesterday for my first internal and GBS test. She said I am 1 cm dilated. I didn't think anything of it because you can be 1 cm for a long time. Then she says that since I am having a c/s, they don't want me to go into labor so if I keep progressing then I will deliver sooner. 

I have been such a slacker, maybe b/c this is #2 that I have left so much to do in the next month. Wash clothes, prep diapers, pack hospital bag, shampoo carpets, deep clean house...Looks like I better get started.

Oh, and she said to take it easy and nothing too strenuous. All I can think is if I don't do the strenuous things how am I going to get ready?  

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Re: Well that was a kick in the butt...

  • AND you already have a child. So sitting on your couch and watching soaps isn't a possiblity. I would start enlisting some help. Good luck!


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